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Expert urges technology sector on off-grid energy revolution

By on June 1, 2019 0 138 Views

Lagos, June 1, 2019: The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of All On, Dr Wiebe Boer,  has urged the technology sector to contribute to the off-grid energy revolution in the country.

Boer gave the advice on Saturday in Lagos during the TechPoint Inspired 2019 conference.

He said that the sector’s involvement  in the off-grid sector would help  to improve power generation in the country.

According to him, the on-grid power in Nigeria is largely using technology from the last century, and the off grid sector is as much very technical.

”It is about smart payments, smart metering, remote monitoring, there are so many elements that are technology in the off-grid sector.

”So,  it is really where the technology sector and the private sector can contribute. It is already obvious because most of the energy companies are run by techies not by the power sector people.

”There are so many jobs available now in the off-grid space, so the youth should get involved in the industry,” he said.

Boer said that Nigeria  was lagging behind in terms of installed generation capacity and the energy gap was the foundation for so many of the country’s economic and social development problems.

He said that the size of the energy gap would cost between $40billion  and $200 billion to address.

According to him, the significant energy access gap in the country means the opportunities to address the gap are also considerable.

He said that Nigerians had already spent over $20 billion on alternative energy solutions, hence, the opportunities in off-grid energy.

”Rising private sector interest, increased government support and improved regulation  will make off-grid energy businesses attractive across  the multiple existing and emerging segments.

”There is an active and fast growing off-grid energy ecosystem to tap into,” the energy expert said.

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