December 14, 2019
  • December 14, 2019


We were born to consolidate the new journalism and expand the scope of
its influence and opinion designed to attract wider readership and
stimulate the progress of ideas and the growth of public opinion.
Thank God the press has advanced beyond any draconian pedigree.
Designated Columns, Editorials, Cartoons and Informed Commentaries
will sparkle with wit and circumspection and critical analysis
replacing vulgar abuse as The Globe takes readers on a merry go-round
on information high-way:
Just as in the first few years, rigorous but elegant verse will
continue to take precedence over raucous prose. Thanks to the
intellectual frame of the Editorial team of The Globe and of cause the
worlds press for a change. No doubt, this tabloids can now slant to be
counted anywhere in the world.
However, we believe that in spite of its towering achievement, the
press has left the interest of the teeming population uncarted for and
most often become sectional and partial in its reports and
presentation thereby endangering widespread mistrust. Recent events
has brought to the fore, that a section of the press are arguably
guilty of flamboyant praise for mediocrity, unquestioning differential
for rulers, afraid to take a stand against wrong rather craving to be
on the “winning” side no matter what. This is what The Globe is set to
Beyond the traditional role of informing educating and entertaining
the people, our most compelling function is to provide a moral base
for the people. Our band of journalism is therefore anchored on the
need to probe and illuminate the complex circumstances underlying the
human condition and that which also questions the boundary between the
eclipses of the public interest for the truth.
At a time when Africa and indeed the world are continually in the
vortex of religious and tribal wars, turmoil and misery due to greed,
artificial scarcity for justice, equity and fairness, we come in handy
to assure their peace, placidity and progress shall flow our uplifting
Above all, The Globe shall be serious and highbrow without
compromising acidity. Yet it shall be untrimmed and rebuts and couched
in parliamentary language. In fact, this newspaper shall owe its
allegiance to no individual, political party, or trial. Our allegiance
will be to God, the cause of truth and public good. This is our word
and our bond!