December 11, 2019
  • December 11, 2019



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Jackson Akpasubi is an experienced reporter as well as writer. He went
from College to a career as a professional journalist. He has since
won National acclaim as a reporter of note. In recent times as
evidenced in “ A Practical Guide to Investigative Journalism’’
however, he has turned his astute eye to another aspect of the
profession. He loves his time collaborating with institutions and like
minds to impact on the younger generation of journalists.
Akpasubi has occasionally taken time away from his work at a TV
station and writing to give lectures at the Nigerian Institute of
Journalism where he has been an External Examiner since 2007 and gives
career talks to High School Pupils. He authored over ten books. He
holds degrees and certificates in Publishing, Health and Safety,
Social Works, Journalism and Business administration